A Pregnant and Vulnerable Dog Tragically Loses Her Life at a Garbage Dump

Ton Tan Market in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. One of the regulars at the market was a friendly dog named Tan, who would often play and ask for food from kind people. However, one day, Tan’s back leg was found tied up with a wire to a pile of garbage near a nearby dormitory. Luckily, a kind man helped free Tan from the wire, but the experience left Tan feeling suspicious and scared of people. Over time, the wire tightened around Tan’s leg joints, causing a deep wound that became infected and emitted a foul odor. Despite this, Tan still carried on with her daily routine and even had puppies growing inside of her.

Upon seeing the pitiable condition of the dog, several kind-hearted individuals expressed their sympathy. They wondered if she would be able to care for her unborn baby, given her solitary existence and physical limitations. The ARK Chiangmai was contacted for assistance and they promptly arrived on the scene. They carefully removed the binding wire from the dog’s legs, administered initial medical treatment, and conducted a thorough physical examination out of concern for the safety and well-being of the unborn pup.

According to the x-ray report, Tan Tan is expecting up to 8 babies and her overall health seems to be good. However, her leg injury appears to be serious with an infected wound, strained bones, damaged tendons and nerves. The vet has suggested observing the wound for some time, hoping for it to heal without any need for amputation. We all hope for the best for Tan Tan.

It’s important for her to tend to her leg injuries and maintain a healthy diet to regain her strength. Based on the size of her womb and an X-ray, it appears that Tan Tan will be welcoming a new addition to her family in the near future.

It’s amazing how life can turn around for a dog. One moment, she was abandoned on the street, and the next, she becomes a proud mother of 7 adorable little puppies. The good news is that all of her pups are healthy and cute as a button! We’re incredibly grateful to ARK Chiangmai for giving this mama dog and her offspring a new lease on life. These are pure souls that deserve a second chance, and we’re thrilled to see them thriving.

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