Amazing diy succulent planter ideas that will add charm to your home

Take advantage of the abundance of pumpkins this fall to create a stunning vibrant arrangement of colorful succulents. This project comes together in minutes with some moss and glue. Your pumpkin succulent centerpiece will look just as beautiful sitting on a porch as it does on a dining room table, but if you’re using it outside, be sure to bring it inside when the temperature drops below freezing. Some succulents can tolerate cooler temperatures, but this fresh fall centerpiece will do better inside when the weather turns chilly.

Start by applying a spray adhesive ($13, The Home Depot) to the top of your pumpkin. To help the moss stick, choose a pumpkin with a flat top; Cinderella pumpkins have a great shape for this project.

Working from the center outwards, group the three tallest succulents slightly to one side of the center. Use a clear craft gel type glue or a hot glue gun ($18, Target) to attach succulent cuttings to the moss. Continue adding more succulents around this first group, packing them tightly together. If you’re not sure what type of succulents to use, start with hens-and-chicks and sedum, both of which come in varieties that stay small and offer interesting colors and textures.

Aim for an arrangement of succulent pumpkin in the center, with taller succulents closer to the center of the pumpkin and shorter ones angled outward. Burro’s tail succulents would be an excellent choice for the outer borders as their trailing tendrils look best draped over the edge of a pot.

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