“Can’t Stand” To Know The Truth Behind: Blind Cat Comforts Her Shelter Sister And They Bond

While I was on vacation in Morocco, we saw the little kitten in front of our apartment, and her eyes were missing so the first plan was just to help her. But the more time, I spent with her the more I fell in love with her, and I couldn’t help but keep her

So we decided to take her with us to Germany there was no hesitation she’s active very independent and very playful most of the toys I bought were balls with little belts inside which make sounds but I found out that she doesn’t need sounds. We have very soft balls that don’t make any noise and they are her favorite toys

Since Liah is an indoor cat I decided that I wanted her to have a friend, I saw Luna in an animal shelter, and I knew she was the one

Liah was not Luna’s biggest fan at the beginning, but a few weeks after I adopted Luna she got a chlamydia infection.

We tried everything we did our best, but in the end, she couldn’t keep an eye on Liah was cute with her

She surely felt that something was different and that she was suffering she tried to give her comfort and that helped her.

You know their best friends love playing together they love to play fetch to play ball with each other like a little soccer team. They love to give each other baths

They cuddle or sleep next to each other it’s just wonderful to have them here to have them in my life

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