Despite adversity, the affectionate elderly cat Ethel shows an overly friendly nature towards those who rescued her

Warning: Before pictures may be disturbing for some viewers.

Rescuers in Glendale, Queens, NY, took in a senior kitty, possibly 15-20 years old, named Ethel. Even though she was in horrible shape at the time, she remained “ridiculously friendly” and “incredibly grateful” for the care they gave her. Everyone she met fell in love with the kitty, and there was an incredible transformation after receiving lifesaving veterinary care and love from the foster providers.

Timber’s Legacy shared the news about this special cat, and her before pictures are heartbreaking. But don’t worry; she soon gets the help she needs thanks to the rescuers and kind people who donated to help.

Help For Ethel Arrives Thanks To Volunteers

When Ethel’s caretaker reached out for help, a wonderful volunteer came to the rescue.

“We were notified about a community cat that was in a questionable condition and needed intervention earlier this week. A kind senior was caring for her, but her needs were more than she could manage. With the help of an exceptional volunteer, the cat was picked up and brought to our vet,” Timber’s Legacy shared.

The rescuers say that the caretaker believed the friendly cat was possibly 20 years old. At any age, she had some serious health concerns.

“She is emaciated, has cataracts and is suffering from both a severe ear and skin infection. She was severely matted, and someone tried to cut the mats out, but accidentally cut her into her skin,” they said.

Further complicating things, Ethel had diabetes and needed insulin. Given treatment, they hoped to see a dramatic recovery, but it wouldn’t be easy.

“We are hoping that with proper care and diet, she will go into remission. Treatment of diabetes consists of timed insulin shots and testing glucose levels, not as easy as it sounds.”

Ethel Is ‘Ridiculously Friendly’ To Her Rescuers

Despite serious health concerns, this older kitty had an incredible cattitude and will to live. We see it all the time with senior rescue cats who win over quickly everyone who cares for them.

“Despite all of this, Ethel is ridiculously friendly and affectionate. She has a wonderful appetite, has been shaved by our vet and will be receiving a much-needed bath in the next few days, and is incredibly grateful for the care she is receiving. She will be boarding at out vet until we get her stabilized and then go to an incredible foster home,” they shared.

Ethel Makes New Friends With Ease

Before heading out to her foster home, Ethel made a new buddy, Norbert the Weimaraner.

“Ethel is doing well!!! She will be going to her amazing foster home next Saturday, where she will live like a queen! Here she is with her buddy Norbert. She later claimed the bed as her own! She is a total sweetheart and is loved by everyone at our vet.”

Ethel makes a friend, Norbert the Weimaraner

Then, Ethel went to her new home, where she fearlessly adapted again and made another dog friend named Gracie. Her fur was growing back in, and she was “loving life.”

A month later, Ethel looked like a new cat, and her diabetes went into remission as everyone had hoped. But her purrsonality remained the same. Below, look at how she transformed in such a short time!

Ethel looks amazing after recovering

“Ethel is ridiculously friendly and has not met a cat, dog, or person she does not like,” they said.

Thanks to supporters, the rescuers were able to allow Ethel to enjoy her Golden Years to her fullest. In return, she offered unconditional love to everyone around her. Senior cats have so much to offer to those who care for them and although it might sound like personification, they often show you how grateful they are.

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