He Felt Downcast and Frightened After Extended Periods of Sorrow

Isumu was a dog who had never experienced affection. He had been abandoned to survive on his own by the roadside, near a shelter.

His overgrown nails were a source of agony, and each step he took inflicted pain upon him. There was a visible mark and traces of blood around his neck from the restraints that had previously confined him. He emitted an unusual odor of decaying meat and bore wounds suggestive of rabies all across his body.

Isumu retained a glimmer of vitality in his gaze and possessed the ability to experience fear, humility, and hope, even in the face of immense suffering. He fervently appealed to a higher power, beseeching for someone to step in and rescue him from his anguish.

A compassionate volunteer encountered him at the shelter. Isumu was transported to the shelter, where he received medical care and a comfortable bed to rest in. Isumu was cleaned and received a refreshing bath. After an extended period of time, he finally received nourishment, hydration, and the sensation of being loved and cared for.

Day 10: Isumu’s condition began to improve. His wounds showed signs of healing, and his fur started to grow back. His eyes radiated happiness and satisfaction, and the unpleasant odor of decay dissipated.

Day 80: A kind-hearted family, eager to welcome a canine companion into their home, finally arrived at the shelter. Their hearts instantly embraced Isumu the moment they caught sight of him, and they knew he was the one they had been waiting for.

They recognized he was their perfect match because they could perceive the resilience and determination hidden beneath his rough exterior. Isumu was embraced by his new family and transported to his new home, where he was lavished with love and care.

He was liberated from the need to endure his agony in solitude or anticipate a savior. At last, he possessed a haven he could call his own, accompanied by a caring family.

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