Yσung Gἱrl Turns σn Her Way Hσme Frσm Schσσl ἱntσ An Angel Fσr A Stray Dσg And Rescues Her

Mayane Rodrigues witnessed something amazing outside her apartment window in Brazil on a rainy and dismal day.

Rodriguez noticed a little girl parked on a wet sidewalk as she returned home from school from a distance on the street below. She put down her umbrella, removed her backpack, and then removed her coat.Rodriguez then observed a wet stray dog at the girl’s feet and knew it was all for her.What occurred next was as follows.

Rodriguez stood there watching as the girl carried the puppy in her arms and went on her way. She is like an angel to her.“It occurred so quickly. That was quite emotional.” Rodriguez explained to Dodo. “I forwarded the video to a friend. She shared it with a community group, and that’s how I discovered who that angel was.”

Cibely Stiegelmair is her name. She is twelve years old. That day, she saved a life.

“I was shocked when she arrived with the dog since she was sweating and soaking in the rain.” Cibely’s mother, Rejane Stiegelmair, told The Dodo. Her clothes was stained with blood. I believed she was hurt, but she said she discovered the dog hurt.”

Thankfully, the dog was not seriously injured. Nothing can be healed with a little love and care.

Cibley realized she had to provide the dog personally after seeing it there alone.

“Cibely has a wonderful heart. She feels terrible about the stray dogs.” Rejane remarked. “She’d bring them all home if she could.”

Cibely’s dog, Pretinha, greets the family with loving arms.

No one knows why Pretinha became stranded on the sidewalk that day, but one thing is certain: her future has never been brighter thanks to Cibely.

“As parents, we have always been proud of Cibely.” her mother remarked. “But we’re even more so now!”

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